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Slapstik Skateboards arose from a series of drawings called 101 Alternate Uses for the Human Body. Slapstik's graphics were originally composed of violent acts centered on floating pastel backgrounds. As time went on, short stories and ramblings related to the drawings began to fill the backgrounds leading to more words than pictures, ultimately ending the 30 deck run. The success of Slapstik suspended the company's scheduled end in 2006, and resulted in Slapstik of the Living Dead. SSLD's concept was to recreate the original Slapstik series with a George Romero living dead twist, which ran from 2006 to 2009. The Living Dead series was soon followed by the fairy tales and fables of Mother Goose and the Brothers Grimm which illustrated classic fables and tales in a modern setting. In 2010, Slapstik returned to the pastel back drops and absurd visuals started in 2001, with animals engaging in foolish human acts in a series simply called Animals. The mission of Slapstik Skateboards is very simple. We will make fun of you.

Saturday, June 13, 2009


 Every time I go to Nashville we always have to skate this slippery ass indoor park. And every time I get wrecked. Head knocker's, pop my elbow out of socket, ankle's, whatever. So, to make lemonade out of lemons I skate down to the strip and start my night/afternoons at these amazing country bars. Free admission, free music from 11 am til 2 am, and 2 dollar beers. Not like you have to convince me. It's this or sitting in some hotel room.
 So here we go. Door guy at Robert's bar. He takes no shit from no one. I've seen him choke slam some dude from inside the bar to out for grabbin some girl's ass.  Also down to talk to wasted dudes about old country singers he sees out and about down on the strip.
Robert's old school country band......
....right next door. Layla's will kinda swap off from Robert's. Rockabilly dudes. 
Then down the street they have a fuckin make out car-in-the-bar type thing. Sluts will usually lurk around a do dumb girl drunk shit. i.e. woo-hoos, kiss each other, panty shots, etc...
Pretty self explanatory. Same bar as car-in-the-bar. Epic posters were everywhere. A random toilet filled with cig butts. They sold gross ass chili dogs and southeast skate legend Nathan Smith was there too. Black out mode soon followed...

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