slapstik skateboards mission statement

Slapstik Skateboards arose from a series of drawings called 101 Alternate Uses for the Human Body. Slapstik's graphics were originally composed of violent acts centered on floating pastel backgrounds. As time went on, short stories and ramblings related to the drawings began to fill the backgrounds leading to more words than pictures, ultimately ending the 30 deck run. The success of Slapstik suspended the company's scheduled end in 2006, and resulted in Slapstik of the Living Dead. SSLD's concept was to recreate the original Slapstik series with a George Romero living dead twist, which ran from 2006 to 2009. The Living Dead series was soon followed by the fairy tales and fables of Mother Goose and the Brothers Grimm which illustrated classic fables and tales in a modern setting. In 2010, Slapstik returned to the pastel back drops and absurd visuals started in 2001, with animals engaging in foolish human acts in a series simply called Animals. The mission of Slapstik Skateboards is very simple. We will make fun of you.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


there was mass rain this weekend...and me and my girl fanagled a "babysitter" for our lil homie. was the first time in over a year we had a chance to go out for a bit....took full advantage of the 2 hour window with the mission of flooding our livers...took it up to Aces bar for a minute..."yes, yes and YES" whenever the waitress came over...she even brought the bottle of Jaeger over to pour so she wouldn't spill. oh so proper!
3 rounds in 2 hours plus beers equaled that sunday laid up watchin them Falcons go 2-o! whoever wants to volunteer a babysit...hit me up...we can't pay though...that bar tab's a muhfucker!

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