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Slapstik Skateboards arose from a series of drawings called 101 Alternate Uses for the Human Body. Slapstik's graphics were originally composed of violent acts centered on floating pastel backgrounds. As time went on, short stories and ramblings related to the drawings began to fill the backgrounds leading to more words than pictures, ultimately ending the 30 deck run. The success of Slapstik suspended the company's scheduled end in 2006, and resulted in Slapstik of the Living Dead. SSLD's concept was to recreate the original Slapstik series with a George Romero living dead twist, which ran from 2006 to 2009. The Living Dead series was soon followed by the fairy tales and fables of Mother Goose and the Brothers Grimm which illustrated classic fables and tales in a modern setting. In 2010, Slapstik returned to the pastel back drops and absurd visuals started in 2001, with animals engaging in foolish human acts in a series simply called Animals. The mission of Slapstik Skateboards is very simple. We will make fun of you.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


...i mean, really? how am i gonna do this? Fred Reeves Check Out blog? i had a couple different ideas...they're all gonna be drawn out...i'll try both...see how far i get....
...idea 1.....
...i see Fred occasionally at the Old Man Skate Sesh's on Sunday's..i had an idea for an art thing, brought it up to Fred and he eventually brought his Check Out to me....he got it from his mom's wall and brought it to me framed out...I have this magazine. too bad i can't find it..was one of my first skate mags ever. it's at my mom's house. it's fuckin' Fred Reeves! he doesn't care, but we do! when he gave me this, i asked about the background story...he went to some contest in AL. with some friends and during the contest the photo guy, who he was already friends with, came to him and said that Transworld was gonna start doing this thing called "Check Out's" and wanted to get a flick of Fred for one.."Now this was before it was all cool to do that, so i just went to the parking lot and shot a photo." Epic. that nonchalant thing has been ingrained in my brain since i was a child. i grew up in a redneck town in middle GA and had people dog me for being a faggot, pussy, etc...and reading that someone from Atlanta had a picture in a California magazine astounded me! something to touch and see as real, ya know?...maybe not...whatever...

...idea 2....random Fred thoughts and expierences...

..Fred grew up and started skateboarding in the Station Square Apartments on Seaboard Avenue..the same APT's we all lived in....
...Fred skated Avondale rail light years before Modus Operandi and the rest of the skate community caught on...."i thought ya'll wouldn't be into it. i been skatin there since i was a kid"
...Fred was the first to slide the now infamous MLK 13 rails..saw it in person...
...Fred does 180 ollies and whip-it shoveits in the flat bottom of 6'mini ramps to set up for the next wall. (try it)
...he ollies into FS 5-0's and front matter what...
...i drove his car when he broke his arm at the shitty Decatur Park...took him to the hospital with Stormy...he was woozy and i was super fuckin scared. i may be the only person besides Fred to drive one of his cars. and i knew it turning the ignition.
...the first time "I" met Fred, I was 20 years old and it was at 40 yard with Chris Head. I recognized him immediately and shook his hand only to have him say "Yeah, I know you. I saw you when you were a kid at Woodward. You had big ass hippers and didn't take a shower all week." it was yesterday.
...i was at some contest, i don't know why he was there, i sucked at my first run. he walked up to me and said i was blowing it and to just "ride your skateboard" jesus talking to a changing...
...he went pro twice!
...he runs Felony wheels! buy it!
...he was a challenge in the K.O.T.R...Foundation's challenge was to "Find Atlanta legend Fred Reeves"
...he doesn't buy into hype...
...Grant Taylor tripped out and was "Holy shit, there's Fred Reeves!" Fred Reeves said "Goddamn, Grant's here. It's about to get good!"
...he is fucking LIFER status at skateboarding and i appreciate him for that!


  1. awesome. i've got one of fred's check out's too.

  2. Fred Reeves Rules!
    -As a kid I remember watching him and Don Hillsman learn Mctwists at Skatezone
    -He had a photo in the Atlanta Journal frontside 50-50ing a rail at Peachtree Marta around 1987
    -Frontside nosepicks, ollies to allyoop wallrides, and half cabs over picnic tables at the 40 yard
    -quickest feet and smoothest style ever
    -California was not ready for Fred Reeves
    -When I moved into Station Square on Seaboard Ave in 1996, if you rode a skateboard you were told by Fat Sam that you were not shit compared to Shawty Pimp, and he was right...

  3. Much love to my little brother. Fred Reeves,ATL Boyz for life !

    Don Hillsman II,
    Syndicate Skateboards